Tuesday, December 16, 2008

empty space anxiety

hm...lots of white space freaks me out. here are some old sketches to get me going on this thing :)


  1. Because I know how lonely it is to blog out to the teeming and anonymous internet: :D
    Look at you, all bloggy and stuff! This is a nice layout for you as well...suits you. I love how your sketchbook text is all >CENSORED<, but your butts are prominently displayed! :D
    I tried to work out the yousendit thing, but my compy doesn't like yousendit for some reason. :( I'm of half a mind to just air-mail you a loaded USB drive. Or then there's patience...

  2. HEY-- there ain't nothing wrong with butts!

    i'm thinking air mail...i lack patience. but it's up to you i guess hahaha :D have you tried http://megaupload.com? love you love you!!