Monday, March 30, 2009

mangos and dirigibles

i've been chained to my computer for several weeks now. this is what has come from our abusive relationship:

i realized a few things while forcing more knowledge of color into my brain:

1. black is a crutch, avoid it when you can.
2. mint green, magenta, and violet are BEAUTIFUL together.
3. at least one of the light sources in a naturally lighted scene is the color of the sky. no matter what.
4. rain will make your colors fracture and break on the "edge" of objects.
5. color is difficult. really difficult.

there are a bunch of things i want to touch up in my three keys for the boarding piece (take out the black, fix that damn "rain texture" in the bottom piece...etc) but i have to scramble for time while doing other pieces before portfolio review day.

btw, the best way to live requires a few friends who will eat, work, sing, and bake with you.

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