Monday, November 23, 2009

New Sketchbook

i've been noticeably absent from the internet lately-- and also overwhelmingly present. i'm ALWAYS online but never really heard haha.

anyway, i bought a new watercolor moleskine and here's what i've done TO it since i lovingly stripped it of its purity. (yes, i realize how disturbing that sounds haha)

1. i was tired of working with tight vectors and pixel-level detail...and i threw a brush and paint at the first page. i wanted to make the subjects look like they were awkwardly standing next to each other...but maybe it's just an awkward sketch in general.

2: Ok, i can explain the following. i saw "This is It," the Michael Jackson documentary, on monday and though i'll spare everyone a long-winded retelling of how it was the closest thing i've ever had to a spiritual experience i WILL acknowledge that it has triggered an unforeseen (and certainly unanticipated) fixation with the King of Pop. it's also allowed me to work in brush and ink (which i haven't done for...ever??)

(note: pretty obvious what hanging around Aaron has done to the way i work.)

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