Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teeth, sketches, and android tomfoolery

Hell yes! I have completed a new painting (IN MY FREE TIME!) It's called "teeth," and you can track the process on my joint blog: Father Son Whaling Trip.

Teeth, gouache on paper, 28"x14"

In other news, i've finished a couple of watercolor sketches recently-- her are two of them:

and for those who attended I/O this year, you might recognize this illustration...working on it made me giggle:

something less interesting to everyone but myself: i finally, FINALLY painted on site. my coworker, mike dutton, convinced me to journey out for a quick landscape painting session recently. i quickly found out that i am a total hack. needless to say, i'm not going to post the unfortunate smattering of watercolor, but hopefully i will show future paintings (assuming i get better with practice...)

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  1. I'm highly impressed by your sketches (and paintings as well). keep it up :)