Friday, June 26, 2009


in recent news:

i've graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with my BFA in illustration and have been doing that grand old tradition called "job searching." in my search i've had to contend with a few problems:

1. jobs are few and far between
2. my only offers/prospects are in california
3. i may have to come to terms with leaving my friends and family behind
4. i've developed an unexpected closeness to a few of my friends that i'm not very willing to give up

right now, though, i'm waiting on a response from a company that i've been in communication with since april. in the mean time i've been cleaning house and working on this:

these are just quick digital color studies before i attack it with watercolor and acrylic. i'm trying to do a darker/cooler palette so it's giving me a hard time. anyway, one of my goals for this piece was to do some hand-drawn type. i've been hanging out with aaron a lot so i'm constantly exposed to design.

in other news, aaron's Design of Obama is officially available for pre-order on amazon! what's cooler, though, is that i'll actually have a credit in it-- i'm listed as "design assistant," but i really wanted to be "design assistant and supreme color technician extraordinaire." apparently you can't always get what you want...

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  1. Beautiful work as always Jen. Can't wait to see some of your other work and projects this summer.