Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beloved Drone

so i'm back from my trip and i finally managed to sit and finish this painting yesterday! i'm having a problem with acrylic lemon yellow...it's much more electric/cold than oil lemon yellow. i know i should just mix in some cadmium yellow but i can't bring myself to do it. i also work at night under a very warm lamp so that off-sets the color when i'm working. bleh, whatever. i'll be more careful next time.

other than that, i'm relatively pleased with it.

i think i should offer a comment regarding my choice of imagery (since almost everyone finds this fairly creepy). the decapitation is a bizarre symbol of affection-- by disembodying the cherished person, i eliminate everything about him/her that is material/physical/irrelevant, and therefore represent only exactly what matters to me (the intellect, the personality). the bees actually made its way into this painting b/c i really wanted to work with hexagons-- however, the mouthful of bees hints at the use of the beloved object as a hive, or more frankly, a "home." the use of the word "drone" in the title, however, is just my joke with the subject. it's sarcastically condescending, but that's how we roll.

anyway, i'm still waiting on a response from a job application so i'm trying my best to not get antsy. in the mean time, i think i'll start another painting today...either about a friend's color blindness or the abominable snowman hehe.

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  1. just beautiful, jenn. i particularly love her hair. keep up the good illustrations!